Group Decisions

Are you in a place where you are needing a decision with:

  • Input from various people or groups without wanting one party overly influencing the process?
  • Efficient input and feedback from a number of stakeholders to ensure options are properly considered and evaluated?
  • A process that brings out potential benefits and challenges so that they can be appropriately considered in a final decision?
  • Buy-in from different parties to ensure a collaborative culture and effective implementation?
  • A common understanding of the issues so as to bring the group closer to a consensus?

Whether in one location or across the world, Clarity Decision Consultants uses a process and tools to efficiently bring out the issues needed to make the best decisions.

As we facilitate group discussions, we engage the multiple parties in defining and providing feedback on options.   We quickly identify areas of agreement versus areas needing resolution.

Our process is designed to minimize organizational politics while highlighting the objective decision criteria.

The first step in a Clarity Decision Consulting project is to define the objectives, needed decision(s) and participants.  The consulting team would then work with you to generate:

  • Clearly defined measurable objectives consistent with your strategy
  • A plan including:
    • Stakeholder and Participant identification
    • Potential issues to cover in the decision process: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Benefits, Challenges, Risks
    • Thought starters (sample options with strengths and weaknesses)
    • Communications (initial and process for group communications on this project)
    • Schedule

This plan becomes the foundation for the project with a sharp focus on generating clear, actionable deliverables and moving the organization forward, closer to its objectives.

Let us know where you would like support with your group decision: