Why Engage A Clarity Decision Consulting Coach

Decision making without an experienced mentor and partner can lead to poor decisions:

  • Impulsive positions
  • Political and personal manipulation
  • Criticism without constructive recommendations
  • Lack of clarity on where people really stand
  • Lack of understanding for different perspectives and motivations
  • Getting lost in the data
  • Paralysis and uncertainty leading to gut decisions or none at all.

    Group Decision Stagnation

Decision making with an experienced Clarity Consulting Mentor and Partner:

  • A deeper understanding of the issues become visible.
  • Positions are supported and opposed based on their merits reducing politics.
  • Team members’ positions are clearer as are the reasons for their positions.
  • Distinctions and opportunities can be generated to bring opposing sides closer.
  • Proven conflict resolution techniques further align team members.

  • A path forward and action items become clear defeating paralysis.
  • Buy-in and conviction in the solution are much stronger.

The result is better decisions with greater team buy-in !

A Clarity Decision Consultant has a variety of skills and tools to guide your team toward a better decision with greater buy-in.  Our online proprietary decision evaluation tool helps team members better understand their own positions and communicate them to other team members.  Incorrect assumptions become more easily apparent and the direction forward becomes clearer sooner and more easily (More Group Decision Information).



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